Learn how to animate using digital and analogue 2D drawing techniques, 3D CGI, Stop-Motion, or experiment with VFX, 360° and virtual reality. In our modules you will train every aspect of your storytelling skills from traditional 3-act structures all the way to experimental narration.

Acting for Animation

Mila – Animated Short Film

Christian Puille – der Mann hinter den Storyboards

Bin Han To hat uns beehrt

Fantoche – Michael Dudok de Wit

Fantoche – das volle Programm

Die LuMAA ist wieder da!

Illusionen des Gehörs

Philip Hunt vom Studio a.k.a. bei uns zu Besuch

Foley Artist Dieter Hebben zu Gast

Making Faces. Workshop mit Chris Landreth

Zhang Xun an der HSLU

Klaus Morschheuser an der HSLU