Learn how to animate using digital and analogue 2D drawing techniques, 3D CGI, Stop-Motion, or experiment with VFX, 360° and virtual reality. In our modules you will train every aspect of your storytelling skills from traditional 3-act structures all the way to experimental narration.

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 1

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 2

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 3

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 4

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 5

ITFS 2019: Max Hattler in Persona

FMX 2019: Storytelling in 360° und VR – Teil 2

FMX 2019: Storytelling in 360° und VR – Teil 1


LUFF: See you soon !

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Interview with Billy Roisz

Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival 2018

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Sound-Aufnahmen mit einem Oldtimer Rennwagen

Im Koop-Modus an der Fantasy Basel 2018

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Stuttgarter Eindrücke

HSLU meets FMX & ITFS 2018

“Ugly” ist das neue schön: Nikita Diakur an der FMX 2018