A current selection of our alumni freelancers from the last three years. Click on their names to go straight to their website!

Gut M.

background, asset design, compositing, lighting

Ellensohn M.

2d animation, storyboard, design, layout, compositing

Rothenberger S.

2d animation, directing, art design, character design, illustration

Täschler M.

directing, characterdesign, 2d animation, artdesign, compositing

Gattlen E.

2d animation, directing, script, storyboard, character design

Berger R.

compositing, 3d animation, vfx, sound, realfilm

Oehen H.

2d animation, motion graphics, characterdesign, artdesign, storyboard

Caderas B.

directing characterdesign, 2d animation, realfilm

Monney S.

directing, storyboard, layout, art design, 2d animation

Weber L. M.

script, storyboard, characterdesign, artdesign, realfilm

Benson R. E.

storybaord, characterdesign, artdesign, 2d animation, 3d animation

Falkenberg V.

characterdesign, artdesign, 3d modeling, motion graphics, stop motion

Möhrle L.

2d animation, storyboard, art design, character design, layout

Cochet A.

script, directing, art design, compositing, motion graphics

Özgür B.

3d animation, storyboard, character design, artdesign

Nyffenegger M.

experimentell illustration 2D animation stop motion animation directing

Gasser G.

stop-motion animation, realfilm, artdesign, set-design, photographie

Ott S.

3d animation, vfx, motion graphics, layout

Winiger N.

directing, script, storyboard, artdesign, 2d animation