9 days at 1800 metres above sea level at the Fromatt hut looked after by Daniela and Carina is the highlight of the year – for some of their studies! The group is unique, the view is wide, the projects open. 9 days without no goes encourage to write poetry…

Zwischen den Steinen jault’s und lacht’s.
Murmeliloch und Tannenzapf!
Na was war denn das?
Ohoo, das Ooha!

… make us forget time…

The Out of Home Animation workshop was an unbelievably wonderful experience and surpassed my expectations of what 10 days in the mountains could be like (and my expectations were high!).

… and enable synaesthetic experiences.

Blue came from the south, yellow from the north and red from the east. They met in the green of west. Up the hill, under the trees and they sang together, days and nights. They melted together into one color and became one. Then the one became eternal light.

We go into raptures!

The view was also quite ok 😉

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