Tuesday evening, September the 20th. We had the pleasure of welcoming the new animation students at the Kükenfest this year. After watching “Despicable Me” as a yearly first years ritual, the ‘little’ chicks entered the ‘clarifier’, where the other students awaited their arrival.

The godparents, who we call Göttis and Gottis, were drawn there, and the excited chicks were allowed to receive their Ani T-shirt with this year’s graduate film «But what does it mean?» by Julie Ecoffey!

Once the chicks got acquainted with their godparent, the Apéro-club had prepared a series of small games for us.

One task required five teams to create a coat of arms that reflected the group’s strengths, which was followed by a quiz that tested our understanding of the wide world of animation.

Because two teams performed equally well, the winning team was determined by a trick question:

How many names can Jürgen guess from a list of ten photos of 2.BA students? (If you’d like to guess for yourself, write the answer in the comment.)

The answer is: one last name. At this point, Jürgen should not be blamed because with 30 new BA students each year alone, it is relatively difficult to keep track of them all…

After the loosening up game, Jean and Jochen were waiting for us behind the grill, preparing tasty patties and grill-cheese and some salads and snacks which were brought by the students.

With a full stomach, beer and good music, we finished the evening with getting to know each other more than before and are looking forward to expand the Animation fam!

Many thanks to the Apéro-Verein for the organization and the realization of the event!

And with the best wishes for the coming academic years to our new chicks, we are ready to take off!

Frederic Berger

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