Hello everyone. My name is Léa Deregnaucourt, I was on exchange the summer semester of 2022 and this year it was my first time at the Annecy festival. With the Corona virus, I had never been there before. It was really cool! It’s warm, there’s the lake, the city is full of people who have the same passion, you meet a lot of people and you see a lot of movies before they are released in theaters! I quickly got used to the atmosphere of the festival and its particularities. It’s normal, I speak French! Towards the end of the festival, I met another person from the school and as we talked, I realized that she didn’t understand some of the details of the festival. I tried to explain it to her and I thought she must not be the only one who didn’t understand. So here is my little survival guide for the Annecy festival ! This may sound a bit confusing or even weird. But I found everyone very respectful of the films and these little details add even more charm and friendliness to the festival. Have fun and participate!

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