looking back at one week of wicked workshops

Students don’t always show up at school, but when they do they must have a good reason for it. And this summer, they had a very good one.

Eager to escape from the OwnRooms Animation Studio a handful of refugees found shelter in the abandoned ruins of what used to be the heaven of creativity, gossip and drama.

Armed with graphic tablets and facial masks they stepped through the ashes where they also happened to find ancient pieces of technology that enabled them to reactivate the transmitter which they continued to call Twitch. And they only had one goal: To send a signal of unity to all the living animators, and to bring knowledge to all the survivors and also to learn dark magic.

And so they assembled a team of great experts in order to teach what has never been taught before:

From the godly act of creating stylized characters to the unknown art of animating four-legged forgotten creatures the students enhanced their skills with wicked tricks and workflows of only the finest kind. Eventually they merged their powers to summon masters from outer space asking them for guidance on the uncertain path of animation.

Delighted by all the expertise, the students left the ruins to reflect and contemplate and also to recover their strengths as they will be from great value for the years to come.

Thanks to all those generous souls getting out of their way to share their wisdom!

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