That’s just how we roll. Animation students went out with a bang to end the year 2019 with a Christmas Party Ani-Xmas Party! On top of that, we celebrated the soon to be retired 2D Animation professor, Jesús Perez, through a Dance Battle… animation style! People will dance according to the 12 Principles of Animation, like squash and stretch. Of course, it was Jesús who won the dance battle by a land slide.

In addition, students submitted their animations to commemorate Jesús’s job at the school, a wholesome treat for family audiences. After putting all the animations together with the integration of the Dance Battle theme, it resembles a music video. Thank you to all the students who contributed wonderful animations! (credits at the end of the video 1:15)

Unlike other years, we provided a vegetarian alternative to this year’s grill with veggie patties, soy bacon, and grilled cheese. No more Bratwürste! (Which means that grill master Jürgen is in dire need of a new GIF…) Disposable cutlery was replaced with reusable ones, how eco-friendly.

What better way to spend the Ani-Xmas than burning down some buildings? Rather than simply throwing cardboard models of buildings into recycling, the students had the better idea to burn them down…. With fireworks. Oh and how spectacularly did they burn!

As we enter 2020, as every year, we aim to work harder and produce better animation! And also significantly improve our dance battle skills.

Text and photos by Jacqueline Carter

Videos by Lukas Biere

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