This year’s Info Days (Info Tage), an open house, at the HSLU D&K in Emmenbrücke reflects a new beginning for the school and highlights the new buildings 745 and 744. All departments of the Design and Kunst branch can finally be found all in one place, unlike before with half the school located 3 kilometers away. Collaborations and other interactions between departments can now be executed far more easily.

Now we focus on Animation! As every year, Jürgen Haas delivered a wonderful talk at the Aktionshalle delving into the history of animation, its real world applications, and what possibilities students have during and after their studies. The audience is then led on tours around the school showcasing its infrastructure from the Sound/recording rooms, the REX, computer rooms, and the Atelier (students’ office spaces – Pixar style). The Animation department played screenings of student films in the school’s personal theater (the REX), a VR/AR workshop, and an Info Bar.

Our animation department inspires new students to advance and sharpen their animation skills to gain a competitive edge into the industry, or simply develop as an artist. The department provides a range of animation techniques for students to try out, such as 2D/Zeichnentrick, 3D/CGI, stopmotion/Puppetanimation, and experimental techniques like sand on glass.

HSLU is a school for aspiring animators in Switzerland to strengthen their craft and release their creativity to produce memorable films. The faculty pushes for each student’s greater potential and expands their perspective for the animation medium, whether it be 2D, 3D, stopmotion, or some new form for animation. Here, you are welcome to try anything out.

For those who were not able to come by this year, don’t worry! We hold this event every year at the last two days of November. Keep an eye out for the Info Bar, where you can enjoy some snacks and a drink while having a conversation with our students and faculty. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to our new students for 2020!

Text and photos by Jacqueline Carter

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