Happy Ani-ween! As every year, the animation department threw an amazing Halloween party, but the costumes only seem to get better and better with each new passing year! This time around the sun, we had characters ranging from Hopper and Robin from the series Stranger Things to Mayonnaise from the Swiss food brand Thomy. The variety of individuality and creativity was a sight to behold.

The party was a great way for students to get together and unwind after the end of their modules. To kick off the night, a buffet was laid out where everyone can binge on delicious homemade food and Halloween themed desserts. Not to mention the mountainous stack of beer… Afterwards, the room was cleared and transformed into a dance floor. Students enjoyed the rest of the night singing karaoke and dancing the stress spirits away.

Over a handful of people placed great effort into their costumes and make up to take part in a costume contest. Students get to dress up as their favorite characters or match outfits with their mates. It was delightful to see students admire each other’s work. Let’s look at some more awesome costumes!

Despite feeling like a real zombie after all the partying, everyone had a fun time. Until next year, stay spoopy.

Text and photos by: Mikasa Ackerman Jacqueline Carter


But who won the best costume competition and what was the prize?! The world must know this highly relevant fact.

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