More than two weeks have already passed since the Infodays 2018 took place both at the Sentimatt and at the Viscosi campus. And now, finally, here they are, some bundled impressions of those two days. Enjoy!

For those interested in animation the fun started with Jürgen’s usual speech at the assembly hall of the Viscosi campus, which is always a joy to attend even for us students. Jürgen gave his audience a brief overview of what three years of studying animation look like – and how much fun it is.

After that, the guided tour through the campus began. Visitors could get a feel for the atmosphere at the animation department. They had the chance to see all the different work spaces for 2D, 3D and stop motion animation, and of course our beloved ateliers where we spend so much time in.

Fun fact: People from all over Europe came to catch a glimpse of the rare animation species living here in Viscosi City.

So, if one impression wasn’t enough for you and you’re itching to become a member of our unique herd, apply here, deadline is the 15th of February.

Dan Wenger


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