Learn how to animate using digital and analogue 2D drawing techniques, 3D CGI, Stop-Motion, or experiment with VFX, 360° and virtual reality. In our modules you will train every aspect of your storytelling skills from traditional 3-act structures all the way to experimental narration.

Letzten Donnerstag Abend feierten wir interne Premiere von 18 neuen Animationsfilmen, die im Bachelor und Master Animation sowie Master Short Motion entstanden sind!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch allen Absolventinnen und Absolventen:

Bachelor Animation: Alan Canepa, Vera Steinbeck, Aleris Graf, Daniel Harisberger, Dominique Birrer, Naomi Homenu, Antonia Matter, Nina Calderone, Mirella Brunold, Matthias Cuciniello, Jenay Vogel, Joana Locher, Michael Flückiger, Justine Klaiber, Nico Kast, Benjamin Morard, Marion Miles Wyler, Mhill Krasniqi, Michael Lanz / Master Animation: Andreas Hummel, Friederike Lenz, Jonathan Wuest / Master Short Motion: Nina Mischler

Abschlussklasse 2014


1. July 2014

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