Präsentation am Anima in Brüssel
Freitag, 7. März um 14.30h im Studio 1
François Chalet stellt EXPANDED ANIMATION und seine eigenen Arbeiten vor.

Expanded Animation, by François Chalet:

„With him, animation can’t keep still and spills out of the screen onto walls, into streets, shows, museums, festivals, celebrations and clubs. In short, it’s no longer animation but Expanded Animation. With his minimalist style, François Chalet is a visual artist, illustrator, animator and maker of commercials, shorts and music videos. He also teaches at the Hochschule in Lucerne and is committed to unleashing the genre and adorning all available spaces with his colourful fun designs.“

(Quelle:; Animafestival 7.3.14)



„Zurich Festival“




„Les tours du Chalet“

a_demain_08_Shimizu toshihiro

„demain“ Foto by Shimizu Toshiro

7. März 2014

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