The goal of this Symposium is to encourage a theoretical debate about current and historical questions of animation as an independent form of the “Moving Pictures Production” in Switzerland.

LIAA mainly addresses researchers, lecturers and students in the field of media (animation, film, special effects, fine art). It is a unique international platform with more than 30 acclaimed lecturers from practice and theory, offering great opportunities for the audience to get involved in the discussions.

The questions on the specifics of dramaturgy in animation film will be the main focus. It will be discussed whether it is right to use dramaturgic concepts of real films for animation. The objective is to find out whether or not there are independent rules for the Dramaturgy in animation films.

Presentations, keynotes, workshops and film presentations will be held in order to discuss the main subject of this event in an interdisciplinary way. The results will be published and used in practical and theoretical lessons in animation and film schools.

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