Learn how to animate using digital and analogue 2D drawing techniques, 3D CGI, Stop-Motion, or experiment with VFX, 360° and virtual reality. In our modules you will train every aspect of your storytelling skills from traditional 3-act structures all the way to experimental narration.

Animation Unplugged 2021

Going Solo

Meet the Animation Department for online-Lunch this week!

Naku Days 2020

Ghost Leopard – Aline Schoch am Locarno Film Festival

Hasta la Vista, HSLU!

And the first “Bergli”-Award goes to…

Living Lines Workshop 2020

LIAA: the Lucerne International Academy of Animation

4 Animation Masters

Otto Alder & Jürgen Haas

Otto Alder: a fond farewell

Ani-Xmas 2019 and… Burning Buildings?

Info Days 2019

Feedback OOHA19

Looking back at LuMAA 2019

Spoopy Animators 2019

Leave Your Fancy Gear Behind – OoHA19

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 1

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 2

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 3

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 4

ITFS/FMX 2019 – Student Impressions Part 5

ITFS 2019: Max Hattler in Persona

FMX 2019: Storytelling in 360° und VR – Teil 2